Love at first swatch – Haul time!


Recently I have been getting more into blushes and have been building up my blush collection.  I needed some more baby/light pink toned blushes in my collection, as well as some darker pinks so I hoped online and did some shopping.

I had been wanting to try out some Sleek products but was a little hesitant because I had bought one of their eyeshadows palettes and was less than impressed.  Knowing thatSleek was well known for their blushes and seeing one of the blush palettes I purchased in this haul on YouTube lately, I was confident that these blushes would be great, and I was right.

I puchased my Sleek products from Beautybliss (NZ), each palette cost $22.00 and I think they are totally worth it.  For the price of one MAC blush I was able to get 6 pigmented long wearing blushes, perfect for travelling and adding that cute pink flush I was looking for!  Needless to say I am super excited to use these during the day to day and playing around with light pink cheeks!!

Blush By 3 – Pink Lemonade, Eyebrow Stylist – Medium, Blush by 3 – Pink Sprint, Contour Kit – Light, True Colour – Baby Doll

I also got a lipstick, Baby Doll, which I find it to be creamy but needs building to get an opaque colour. Unfortunately that colour is totally wrong for, its far too light for me to pull of so I will probably use it as an ombre colour.  I will definitely try a different colour as the formula seems really nice.  As well as the lipstick I picked up an eyebrow pencil and Contour kit, which I love.

From top: Blush by 3 – Pink Sprint and Pink Lemonade

All in all this time round I LOVED my Sleek purchases.  They are all pigmented, well priced, the packaging is sleek and sturdy and wear really nicely!  I would recommenced these products to anyone as they have great colour selections in the Blush by 3 palettes, as well as single blushes (which I will get soon) and great lipsticks at a good price.

From top (left to right): Contour Kit – Medium, Pink mint, Macaroon, Icing sugar From bottom (left to right) Conoutr Kit – Highlighter, Pink parfait, Pink ice, Pinktini

You can expect a ‘spotlight’ focus on these bad boys next week and a post on my fave brow products (including my new Sleek brow pen) of to moment.  Also, coming up this week is my Easter themed products, being the week of all things bunnies and chocolate I thought it would be appropriate!
What are your favourite Sleek products?  Have you tried the blushes?
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4 thoughts on “Love at first swatch – Haul time!

  1. Allrosie Beauty says:

    Ahhh I love sleek!! I have had to stop myself going to the sleek counter!haha! Have you seen there blush set in ‘sweet cheeks’? It has this lovely purple pink blusher..looks really scary but looks so nice on! x

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