Revlon Colourburt Matte Balms

I love a good matte lipstick, so unsurprisingly I was really looking forward to the new lip range on offer by Revlon, but unfortunately for me there was a long wait for the matte balms, here in NZ.  When they finally come out and I got my hands of the Revlon Colourburst Matte balms and I had to share!

From left to right: 205-Elusive 220-Showy 225-Sulty 240-Striking

These beauts are a recent product on our on shelves (for about a month now and about time!) and after weeks of waiting for “Mid March” they finally hit stores!  Needless to say I was waiting for payday expectantly to check these puckers out (see what I did there hehe).

So as soon as I could, (after work) I went to have a look and there they were in all their glory and to my surprise all their colours.  Quite often NZ misses out on some colours but we have the full range!  Anyway after a hand full of swatches, I finally decided on 4 colours that I had to have.  (I will go back and get a few more!)

The textures are perfect – they feel like a good balm and as the name and packaging suggest, still looks matte and not dry at all. The colour lasts and goes on perfectly smooth and even for me, except ‘striking’, that definitely needed a bit of building.  After a few minutes they dry down and then don’t budge.

In order: 205, 220, 225, 240 and bottom swatch is ChiChi lip liner in ‘It Girl”

In general my lips are not chapped or dry, but I find these do sink into/emphasise lines after a while, but if you put a good lip treatment (Lucas Paw Paw) on or use a lip scrub first, you should be fine.  They wear really comfortably and reapply nicely, no lumps, no bumps!

I like to use the lip liner in ‘It Girl” with 205-Elusive. The liner plumps my lips, whilst 205 keeps it cute and flirty

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If you haven’t already tried these, what are you waiting for? 🙂  They are gorgeous!

(c)All pictures belong to SweetsomethingsNZ 5/05/2014


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