Winter skincare

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Hi there, how are you?  It’s been a little while since I posted, as I have been swamped with work and getting over the general winter cold that always creeps on as the seasons change.

This week I wanted to spotlight a few of my skincare gems that I think are amazing and have helped keep my skin blemish free (for the most part).  But first a let’s get to know about my skin a lil…..

The DL on my skin

Generally speaking I have normal to combination skin, oily t-zone and normal everywhere else.  I have some issues with uneven texture and have redness in my cheeks (but nothing a little concealer can’t hide).  Soo  that’s about it at the moment, oh and from the cold, frosty morning walks to work my lips are getting pretty dry too (something I am not used to) and we can accredit that to the cold winter days of Christchurch :).

The routine

7th2014 310 7th2014 302

Step one:  I’m no skin expert but these are items that I have repurchased and have noticed improved my overall skin (though I do still have pimples and textural issues).  I have been loving the Purity cleanser (Philosophy) for almost a year now.  I find it cleans my skin well at night, getting rid of the grime of the day and leaves my skin feeling fresh.  It is also good at removing light makeup.  A recent addition has been The Body Shop’s Chamomile oil cleanser, I love this stuff.  It melts away makeup and leaves my skin feeling silky smooth!

7th2014 306

Step two:  This is pretty heavy duty and I only like to use this around my areas of concern, such as my mouth and chin area and nose. I find this an ok toner, but I am not calling this holy grail.  I’m still on the search, maybe you have great suggestion??

7th2014 303

My fave oils and serums:  After toner I like to spot treat any active acne with a little dab of tea tree oil on a cotton bud and then follow that up with some form of oil and serum.  As you can see I am quite into Antipodes at the moment and have noticed that my skin is plumper, my deep lines on the side of face have lessened and my skin feels supple and moisturised when I wake up.  I let the Joyous serum sink in for a good 5+mins before adding my facial oil, to which I add a 2-3 drops into my moisturiser.  These products are perfect for that injection of moisture needed during the cold and drying winter that I am currently in.  I also use the Origins drink up intensive mask 2 times a week and love both the feel and effect this has.  Also, as an honourable mention is the Simple toner.  I have just started using this and am loving it so far.

7th2014 309 What masks have you been loving or do you consider MUST HAVES, I am on the hunt for some good skin clarifying masks and would love your suggestions.

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-Thanks, Rachill


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