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Hi Sweets,lust haves

So, at the beginning of the month I announced something really important…  it was pretty hard at first but I’m hoping in the long run it will be all worth it, no matter how hard or challenging… I declared August and September ‘No spend months’.  Being a self proclaimed beauty addict, this was pretty hard, but over the last year my wallet has truly taken a beating, in fact its pretty much shriveled into nothingness, shaking in its non-anatomical boots every time I hop onto or paroose the over priced shelves that is NZ’s Mecca Cosmetica.  A very grown up decision and very necessary, as I plan to paroose more than makeup shelves in the future (world travel here I come).  So  I decided to make a wishlist and get my makeup fix in a more ‘productive’ way.  I also want to add, none of these brands are carried in any NZ store, hence the ‘wish’ of the wish list.

1.Milani Baked Blush:  These are cult favourites and every time I see them swatched or in a ‘get ready with me’, my makeup addict senses start tingling.  Thought to be pigmented, long lasting and coming in an array of beautiful colours (there are about 6 that I really want) these blushes are high on my list of ‘must haves’.  And although these aren’t all that special to most, to me these are something I have been lusting over for a good year and would really love to have in my collection.

2.Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation:  This looks like an amazing medium-full coverage foundation, that I would love to slather on my face one day.  It seems to have a lovely natural demi-matte finish.  If you have tried this, tell me how beautiful this is, wont you?

3.Lorac Pro Palette:  Need I say more? Haha, made famous by, oh I don’t know a bazillion youtubers, this neutrals palette wasn’t something that I first lusted over.  However, overtime I have seen a few too many stunning looks created by these shadows and eventually I decided, yes, yes Rachill you do need this in your life.  So even though I have never seen this palette in real life, I mean look at ‘taupe’ and ‘mauve’, perfection *sigh*.

4.Zoeva:  I’m always on the hunt for affordable, well preforming brushes and although I really like my XOBeauty brushes and enjoy Real Techniques, the Zoeva brushes not only look luxurious but offer an amazing selection of brushes.  This company include some unique brushes and sets that are both snazzylooking and well packaged.  They also have a dupe for my holy grail of brushes the MAC 217 and a girl can’t have too many blending brushes, am i right?  I can’t wait to try these out one day.

5.Tarte Amazonian Clay 12hr blush:  I have a 3 blushes from Tarte, from varying palettes that I was able to get my hands on and they are completely worth the hype.  These blushes are long lasting, finally milled and have great pigmentation.  They apply smoothly on the cheek and provide a stunning pop of colour without looking like a clown, always a plus.  Exposed is the one shade that I really am lusting over, there is something about a nude/multi purpose blush that is really appealing to me at the moment.

6.Marc Jacobs Lolita Palette:  This is what makeup dreams are made of.  Sleek, luxurious, modern, classy all bundled up into a incredibly eye catching palette.  Pact full of neutrals in a slim casing, this palette is the one that got away.  I had the chance to get this but I opted for something else, thinking I would just get it during the inevitable next purchase and then the website stopped  their partnership with Sephora *insert pathetic weepy sounds*.

7.NYC Sunny Bronzer:  This a dupe for Benefits Hoola and I would much rather spend $5 than $50(NZ).

8&9.  Tom Ford – Indian Rose and Charlotte Tilbury – Filmstar Bronze and Glow:  All hail the makeup goods.  These are two products that I really, really would love to have.  Both have incredibly chic packaging, both are everyday colours that would make any ‘everyday makeup routine’ feel instantly dreamy and sumptuous, not to mention lush and both are ridiculously priced.  Worth the splurge?  Probably not, but well … lets be real it will probably happen one day.

There you have it, my wish list.  What do you have on your wishlist /lust haves??

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-Thanks, Rachill

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