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A few months ago I purchased the Duo-Fiber Collection by RealTechniques.  The collection consists of 3 white handled duo-fiber brushes that are perfect for adding the final touches to any every day makeup look.  I think these brushes are geared toward giving you a little more control, allowing each application of product or step to your makeup to be buildable, as well as giving off a more diffused and natural finish to each step.  In true duo-fiber form these brushes don’t pack on colour, but despite these brushes being less dense and fairly sparse, they are able to pick up just the right amount of product, blending in to the skin seamlessly.  I especially like these brushes because they allow you to have more precision with the overall application of makeup, helping you to choose or customise how pigmented the overall product appears on the skin.  For example when using a highly pigmented bronzer you have the option of really diffusing the edges, creating a soft focus feel on the face and developing the colour where needed, great for when creating more definition in the hollows of the cheeks.

These Duo-Fiber brushes are made with synthetic taklon bristles and are less dense than the standard RealTechniques range. They are also hand cut and cruelty free.  The bristles work with cream, liquid and powder formulas and are designed to give an airbrushed finish.


The Face Brush is perfect for applying a light layer of finishing powder to the face, to create a lovely soft glow and I have found it works really well with the Hourglass ambient powders.  Similarly, this brush is great for adding an all over bronze (to go with that glow I was talking about).  I have been using this brush with my Too Faced – Bronzing Wardrobe and have loved the results.  Since this brush has long, sparse bristles that are less compact than your typical bronzer or blush brush, it sways gracefully over the face and  blends product very well and as mentioned before allows you to concentrate the colour with a little more control.  I do like this for blush too but lately I have been loving quite a bold cheek, so I haven’t been favouring this brush for that step.


I have used the Contour Brush for a range of uses and have enjoyed it for each application.  The Contour Brush is fluffier, denser and packs more colour than the Blush Brush and because of this, I love using it for cream products.  I used it for foundation and although it took longer to blend out completely it do a good job buffing out the base product.  I also have used it as suggested, using a powdered bronzer and liked the results as well, but the way I have loved using this brush is with creams.  It does a fantastic job buffing cream product into the skin, leaving an almost ‘airbrushed’ finish to my bronzer, contour and blush.  It just finishes things off with a natural soft look and this would have to be my favourite brush of the bunch


The Eye Brush is the least used brush in the set for me and that is because I currently am loving other brushes to blend shadow.  However, this is a great little brush to quickly soften an edge or blend out a colour when doing a soft neutral eye or smoking out that sultry look.  I think this brush, as with the others is multi-functional but I haven’t explored this little guy all that much.

So to sum it up, I wouldn’t say these brushes are must haves but are lovely additions to any brush collection and do a delightful job during my makeup routine!

Have you used these brushes?  What’s your favourite one or way to use it?

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-Thanks, Rachill

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