Roadtrip fun – Kaikoura 3

Hi Sweets,  fyffeh2Lets round up this little roadtrip series with day 3, the final day of my Kaikoura adventure.


Day 3 was all about appreciate the breathe taking views, lookouts and trail works.  Kaikoura, as mentioned in my previors posts here and here, is a coastal town and is surrounded either side by the ocean.  We first went to Fyffe House, the first house built by European settlers.  Kaikoura used to be a Whalers town and this house was probably the most unique home I will ever visit.  The original hearth is still there, as with many of the original features of the home, maybe the most unique thing is the pillars (whale vertebrae).  This house was built using whale bones and is still standing strong.  “Built on whale bones Fyffe House is our town’s oldest surviving building and link to Kaikoura’s whaling past. As the last tangible remains of the Waiopuka Whaling Station Fyffe House has seen Kaikoura grow from a whaling station to a farming and fishing community and port, then to today’s whale watching centre.” – Fyffe historian.  The staff are feindly and helpful and its amazing to take a step back in time.

fyffeh3So there you have it, my trip to Kaikoura.  Such a lovely brake.

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-Thanks, Rachill
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