Skin Care – Spring Edit

Hi Sweets,  I thought it was about time I talked about a little ‘spring cleaning’…

the cover

the cleanseBecause its spring I thought I would clean out my skin care routine and customise it a bit more to suit the current weather and needs of my skin.  My skin has become a little dehydrated but, yet my T-zone still gets oily.  I guess I just have true combo skin and this means I get those lovely friends (that nobody really likes)…pimples.  To combat my pimples and really give my skin a good clean, I have liked using The Body Shop’s – Tea Tree Cool and Creamy Wash.  This products contains one of The Body Shop’s infamous ingredients (bet ya cant guess what that is:P)… tea tree oil. This has quickly replaced my beloved PhilosophyPurity, as my go to cleanser.  I love it for a few reasons, the tea tree’s antiseptic properties are quite effective in clearing the skin of pimples and (fingers crossed) prevents future breakouts, I love the cooling sensation the Cool and Creamy Wash gives when I wash it off me face and my skin feels really clean and fresh.  This wash doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight after using it and my skin feels almost moisturised.  As the name suggests it provides a cool tingle and is… well…creamy on the skin.the masksYou know those days when your skin is just feeling a little yucky or lack lustre, usually after a long day’s work, workout or broken sleep?  Well this is when the Pore Refining Exfoliating Cleanser  by Neutrogena comes in handy.  I know it’s marketed as a cleanser but for me, this is much more of a hybrid product that is best used as an exfoliator.  I find the ‘gentle micro beads’ a little rough and this is why I prefer to use it as a bit more of an exfoliating mask.  I simply cleanse my face, then lightly massage the ‘exfoliating cleanser’ and leave it to do its magic for a minute or so, and then rinse.  While the beads do all the exfoliating the glycolic and salicylic acids give the face a good ol’ clean, leaving my skin feeling polished and renewed.  To help my skin out even further if I have a small breakout anywhere, I will then spot treat these areas with REN’s – Invisible Pores Detox Mask.  This is formulated with French Clay and draws out impurities, removes excess sebum and eliminates dead skin cells.  I don’t like this mask for the entire face but on the odd spot it’s great.

toner and lipsI then like to tone my face, to rebalance the pH levels and all that jazz and I have been loving AntipodesResurrect Clarifying Facial Toner.  One feature that I really appreciate with this product is the spray pump.  It’s not exactly a fine luxurious mist but to spray the face after all the cleansing and exfoliating is super refreshing.  I do really like this toner but don’t think it’s holy grail however, I do like how it locks in moisture and calms my skin.  Side note:  The smell took some getting used to…  And to finish off my ‘spring cleaning’ I apply some of The Body Shop’sAloe Lip Care.  Not much to say about this really, it moisturises and heals lips and keeps them from being chapped.

So there you have it, my daily ‘spring cleaning’ routine.  I would love to hear some of your favourite skin care gems at the moment!!  Have you discovered/rediscovered any amazing exfoliators or masks?

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-Thanks, Rachill
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6 thoughts on “Skin Care – Spring Edit

    • sweetsomethings13 says:

      I have wondered about that cleanser, haven’t used the vitamin e range in ages (its so nourishing from memory). Might have to give that range a go when some of my current products runs out. 🙂

    • sweetsomethings13 says:

      Hi Jamie-Lee, it does have a fairly strong smell of tea tree, I find all this range is somewhat strong smelling, but i got used to it. The Tea Tree Oil, that they sell within this range is a great spot treatment for acne/pimples and the mask is really soothing too.

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