Halloween – Hourglass Femme Rogue Velvet Crème Lipstick = Nocturnal

Happy Halloween, Sweets….

novpveWhen it comes to lipsticks recently I have been going for variations of the same shade.  Reading descriptions, looking up swatches etc and when I look in my cart I noticed they all look the same.  Usually I find it really easy to go online and find something I like, as this is something that I have learnt the art of doing, as so much of my makeup has been purchased online (so many brands aren’t sold in NZ or are overpriced).  On the odd occasion when I actually go in store I really enjoy swatching everything!! On this occasion and after an arm full of swatching and not feeling particularly inspired, I looked over to the Hourglass section and it was like a breath of fresh air, a ray of sunshine at the end of horror movie or a stake randomly appearing just before a vamp comes to chomp you on the neck (maybe I’m being a little dramatic here haha).  I spotted a beautiful range of colours that were unique in comparison to the current offerings from brands at the moment and I found the ‘one’.





swatchAs I was browsing the Hourglass Section of Mecca, I was instantly drawn to Nocturnal. At first glance it looked like a deep berry shade, totally a me kind of colour, but also something that I don’t always go for, as is had a definite gloss or sheen to it.  On further inspection, Nocturnal is a beautiful plum wine, with a very faint hint of dusky mauve which transforms the shade into something rather delightful, seductive and fresh. Nocturnal is opaque (we are talking one pass here), smooth to apply and feels sumptuous on the lips.  The formula is buildable and allows you to apply a sheer flirty layer of colour to the lip, or really deepen the berry tones into something sultry and strong.

The Hourglass Femme Rogue Velvet Crème lipstick range, has a creamy formula that has quite good lasting power, wears gracefully and can be reapplied without looking patchy.  I found the lipstick to sit comfortably on the lips, I wouldn’t say weightless but it’s certainly not heavy or constricting on the mouth.  Because it has Vitamin E and castor oil, among a whole bunch of other beneficial ingredients (see here) and doesn’t have all the nasties such as parabens, the lipstick is quite hydrating.  As mentioned the texture is creamy and silky and has a stunning shine to it, while not looking or feeling sticky and transitions gorgeously from day to night.

Also let’s all take a second and admire the packaging.

creepy-vintage-horror-gifThe lipstick has a luxurious weight to it and I adore the deep bronzed, sepia like hues to the metal finishes of their products (perfect for displaying).  For me Hourglass has some of the most beautiful packaging and as a bonus I have loved everything that I have purchased form this brand.  Even their boxes are modern, chic and edgy, yet stay feminine.

packagingQuite simply, Nocturnal is a deliciously versatile shade that can really build the drama.  The formula is saturated enough and the uniquely squared off bullet allows for precise application.  I love Nocturnal and the Hourglass Femme Rogue Velvet Crème lipstick range and will definitely be getting a couple more.

That’s the round up on all my Halloween-ified posts.  I do hope you enjoyed all of them, they were fun to do.  Have you tried any of the products that I have mentioned recently or is there something you would love to share with me? 🙂  Leave a comment or even tweet me if there is something you think I should know about!!

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-Thanks, Rachill




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