Jouer – Mineral Powder Blush #anangelmadethis

Hi Sweets, coverblossomI have spoken of my love of Jouer products before, see that post here and now they are back again.  This time it’s all about the Mineral Powder Blush in Blossom.2nd

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the blish

swatchFirstly, let me just say this blush is heaven, like rays of angelic sunlight beaming from the sky, kinda heaven.  It has a creamy texture that builds into something quite spectacular and is a dream to work with.  Blossom, is a lovely peachy pink and I have been gravitating to it a lot lately.

Blossom is the kind of colour that would suit most skin tones, is matte and highly pigmented.  As with all Jouer products, well the ones I have anyway, this product is superbly made and ‘finally milled’#bloggerterms.

Blossom is a very uplifting colour, that adds a natural flush to the cheek and when I am having one of those ‘paint me like a clown’ days, (please tell me I’m not the only one who likes to go a little over the top sometimes, haha) I can build the colour up into something really bold and eye-catching.  Hmm, shall we add one more adjective into the mx? I think so, that word is brightening.  That’s how I feel when I wear this blush; it really brightens up the complexion into something incredibly flattering, which is why I think Blossom is a must have.  For me it is one of those all year colours that polishes off the simplest of looks and compliments sultry eyes and nude lips.

I found Blossom to be quite long wearing definitely out doing my contour, lasting on the cheeks for a good 5 hours (which is usually the max I would wear makeup for) and the product applies smoothly, regardless of the brush I use.  I also love the packaging, as I mentioned in my previous post.  The gimmicky aspect of the connect-ability, actually works in its favour and makes this product and its counter parts incredibly practical.

the backHave you tried any Jouer products/recommendations?  How have they been working for you?

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-Thanks, Rachill
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