MAC Objects of Affection – Lets get a little shimmaah

Hi Sweets,

mpig1This holiday season has really been the year that I have indulged in holiday collections (see here, here, here and here) and when I saw the MAC Objects of Affection collection I knew that I would also be picking something up.



mpig3aAs luck would have it I was in Mecca, on a little spendy bendy and made a quick stop at MAC and there it was, in all its glory…. Pigment sets (ooohh ahhh).  My MAC doesn’t carry pigments so to be able to not only purchase but actually swatch these beautiful, shiny, shimmery, glimmery, glittery objects was pretty exciting and in a matter of a makeup induced high I had purchased the last Rose Pigment set (no regrets).

The MAC Objects of Affection Rose Pigment set contains 4 pigments and 1 glitter, all of which are mini sized and presented in a gorgeous black plastic case, with a glittery lid and sweet cameo.  This set is a fantastic way to break in into wearing pigments and I was surprised at how much wear I will get out of the glitter.

mpig4mpig5mpig6mpig7mpig8The pigment break down!

Whisper pink:  is a great everyday lid colour and works perfectly with or without a wet brush.  It is a pink champagne, with subtle beige shimmer.

Tan (all hail the pigment Gods!  This pigment is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G):  Tan is a warm bronze, with pink undertones.  This is incredible blown out for a hazy bronze smoky eye or just on the inner corner, so versatile and looks like a metallic dream when applied wet.

Rose: what a delightfully unique shade.  This is a raspberry rose with copper shimmer and applied best wet.

Reigning riches:  is the glitter of this pigment set and  is actually very wearable in the sense that it has warm copper notes of varying shades and  isn’t your typical glitter ball glitter.  The glitters are a little larger which I think makes it easier to place on  the eye and compliments each shade in this collection.

Heritage Rogue: wow this is a stunner.  Without a wet brush this burgundy with rust brown undertones is a knockout.  The colour saturation is out of this world and when used wet…wow there are no words.  I love Heritage Rogue.

mpig9This set is such great value, with each bottle of pigment goodness coming in at 0.09oz and is fixed with a plastic cap (stopper), which will prevent any spillage.  If you can still get your hands on this set I would absolutely recommend it.

Have you used MAC pigments before?  What are your recommendations?  Also please share with me some of the Holiday Collections you have been indulging in?

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-Thanks, Rachill

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