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Hi Sweets,anaToday I am sporting some major, m-a-j-o-rrr caterpillars, so what better day than today to share with you some of my current go to brow products.   Now I know what you’re thinking… ‘rebel’ and while I would love that to be true, it just isn’t.    .These beastly brows aren’t being grown out to be reshaped or any such excuse, I just haven’t been f**ked getting them waxed or threaded.  These products are my go to because even with my overgrown hedges, I can still manage to create natural, defined brows that frame the face and look somewhat tamed (no small feat).


ana1ana2ana4ana3I have naturally full brows and that is how I like to wear them.  Screw the painted on, carved out, “brows on fleek” trend, I like a semi strong brow that looks soft enough to be effortless.  I also don’t like to spend hours perfecting the tail or giving the front of the brow a gradient effect, I just like to fill in the sparse parts and mimic a slight arch, as I don’t really have one without the assistance of product.  To achieve this I love to use the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Soft Brown.

First I use a spooly, standard step (but oh so necessary) and brush the brows into the direction they should be going and then use the MAC 266 to disperse the pomade evenly through the brow.  I like to slightly square off the front of my brow and the 266 allows you to have a lot of control and precision as it is so small and tapered (makes hair like strokes).  The pomade is a fantastic product as long as you don’t over load the brush, you can fill in your brow really naturally and you have enough time to really blend the Dipbrow until it sets and once it sets you are good to go!  If I feel like a bolder brow, want a little more definition or am in a hurry I whip out the Brow Wiz (also from Anastasia Beverly Hills).  The small tip of this product is like brow wizardry; with a few short flicks of the pencil your brow is magically done.  The colour soft brown is perfect, not too warm or cool and because you can imitate the hairs of the brow, it is so easy to create an arch or elongate the tail to really frame your face and give lift to the eye.  To set these bad boys I use the Clear Brow Gel and it does exactly what is say’s it does…  holds the brows in place.  My only gripe is the crispy feeling you can get when using the gel.

 On my lazy days or like my current situation my brows are a little unruly, I love to use the tinted brow gel.  I decided to go with a much warmer colour when I got this and ordered the colour caramel.  This is perfect because my hair has naturally lightened over the summer (perks of working outside almost every day) and adds a little warmth to the brow.  The wand is a little big and clumsy , but once you get used to the size you learn how to manoeuvre through the brow.  You definitely don’t get as much shape or definition, but it does lay the brow hairs down rather uniformly which I like.  The Tinted Gel, is ideal for when you’re in a rush or aren’t putting on a full face of makeup but still want a little ‘tidy up’.ana5There ya go, my go to brow products/savers of the moment, a little Anastasia Beverly Hills heavy, but this company knows their shiz!  What have you been using recently?  I am always keen to try new brow products and would love to try out some new goodies!   Do you have a favourite Anastasia product that I should try?


4 thoughts on “Anastasia Beverly Hills // Brows

  1. Lena says:

    I currently use Dipbrow in medium brown most of the time. When I want a more subtle look then I use a Bobbi Brown eyeshadow, and that works pretty nicely. I considered getting the Brow Wiz but I heard in some forums that it runs out really quickly, and I wanted something that I wouldn’t have to replace all the time.

    • sweetsomethings13 says:

      I have heard that the brow wiz runs out quick too, but I don’t use it enough for it have run out…yet. I got one for my friend and it broke after about two uses , so it’s probably fragile too. Ooh, I will have to checkout the Bobbi Brown shadows when I go to mecca! Thanks 🙂

      • Lena says:

        If it’s fragile then it’s definitely not right for me! The shadow was $50 but I’ve been using it for a couple of years and haven’t hit pan.

      • sweetsomethings13 says:

        Yup, I wouldn’t say it’s a holy grail just a good pencil, but I am always looking for something to replace it. That’s pretty good, I am gonna get a couple brushes from Bobbi, so might add a shadow to the list ( I don’t take much persuading haha)

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