Bobbi Brown // A quick haul

HI Sweets!

bbrown1I am back and it feels so good.  How have you been?!  I had to take an impromptu break from blogging, due to a heavier work load and ….life, but I am now back to regular scheduling.  Scheduling??  Well yes, I have finally settled on Tuesday and Sundays.  I am really looking forward to adding some new blogging segments, which I will be launching this month and feel refreshed and ready to get back in the swing of things.

bbrown2bbrown3Today I am sharing with you a couple of new additions to my collection, I blame (thank?) YouTube for these new items and am so happy with them.  Let’s start with the big gun, the Bobbi Brown Full Coverage Face Brush.  Where has this brush been all my life?  I had just thrown out my flat top kabuki and was in the market for a new foundation buffing brush and after seeing VivianaLovesMakeup and Lilly Pebbles rave about this brush numerous times, I took the plunge (so to speak).

Holy shizzballs, this brush is amazing!  I was a little apprehensive at first as the price is pretty hefty, but upon feeling the actual brush… sooooooo soft, I knew I would be taking it home.  I find that while the brush isn’t extremely dense (like your typical kabuki. buffing brush), the density of the brush allows there to be enough movement, where it blends the foundation rather quickly, whilst allowing you to build up coverage really naturally.  I typically start by stippling on my foundation and then buff over the face, to ensure the base is blended and is sitting well on the skin.  I have so much control when using this brush, which I wasn’t sure I would have when first buying it and I can safely say I will be a Bobbi Brown Full Coverage Face Brush ‘girl’ for life!  I also really like the smaller handle, as you can manoeuvre the brush into the contours of the face so easily.  I consider the Real Techniques Expert Face brush – all be it slightly more dense, to be the Bobbi Browns more affordable counterpart.  They both blend so effortlessly and build foundation in such a way that your complexion never looks cakey, the perfect substitute if you don’t want to fork out for Full Coverage Face.bbrown4The next product I have loved and haven’t stopped using is the Bobbi Brown Blush in Nectar.  As you see from the swatch this is a beautiful warm pink, with a slight neutral undertone (kinda mauvey).  The blush itself is so silky and blends and builds really easily.  Nectar is one of those full proof blushers that would look so good on lots of different skin tones and also matches pretty much any look!  I love it!

I would love any other Bobbi Brown recommendations you might have, as I haven’t really delved too far into this brand.  Also I would love to know what you have been loving recently!


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