Wire Wrapped Pendant // How to

Hi Sweets,Wire Wrapped Rock NecklaceThere is something so satisfying when you can make something yourself, so this week I am bringing you lovely readers a DIY I hope you will really like.  Rock/gem caged necklaces have been quite popular recently and I have wanted to turn some of my faves from my collection into fashion pieces for a while.  Ok, so  fashion might be a bit of a stretch, I mean currently  I am  typing away in an old black hoody with a green monster on it and a pair of black leggings #outfitonfleek, but I really think think these gems are the perfect accessory for any outfit (casual or dressy). Wrapped Rock/Gem NecklaceYou will need:

1x round nose pliers

1x side cutters

1x flat nose pliers

2x jump rings (per necklace)

1x parrot clasp (per necklace)

1x roll of 20ga craft wire

1x gem (per necklace, the rocks I used were dessert rose aka lucky stone, natural Apache tear and Amertine)

Desired length of chain

(Everything except the gems can be purchased from your local craft store)

Here’s how to do it:  don’t forget t expand the pictures if my steps are unclear 🙂How To Make A Wrapped Rock/Gem NecklaceStep 1.  Using your round nose pliers coil a small piece of wire, roughly three times around the base of the plier.   This is going to secure the cage (step 4) and add a nice detail to the dessert rose pendant.  Using the side cutters, cut the remaining wire off and use the round nose piers to tighten the ends of the coil gently.

Step 2.  You then need to cut three equal lengths of wire; this will be used to create what I like to call an ‘open cage’.  I cut my lengths to approximately 15cm each.How To Make A Wrapped Rock/Gem NecklaceStep 3.  Using the three lengths of wire, create an open cage by wrapping each wire around the gem/stone individually, overlapping on the bottom.  Each length needs to be secured by twisting the wire once.  The third wire will help to secure all the twists and you will need to use the flat nose pliers to do this, essentially repeating the twist but ensuring all the wires are tight and creating a knot.How To Make A Wrapped Rock/Gem NecklaceStep 4.  To secure the cage you will need to cut the remaining wires using the side cutters, leaving one wire uncut (the photos shows the middle wire which will remain uncut).    Then, using the coil you made earlier thread and secure this over the wire tips (this will go over them effectively hiding the edges).  Remember that there should be one wire that is left uncut to create a link for the chain.  Use the flat nose pliers to crimp the coil and cage together gently.

Step 5.  With the uncut wire (from the cage) use the round nose pliers to create a coil to link through the necklace chain.  I suggest coiling it twice, this can be a bit fiddly but just take your time.  Link your pendant on to your chain 🙂 How To Make A Wrapped Rock/Gem NecklaceStep 6.  To create a clasp for the necklace you need to expand a jump ring with the round nose pliers and link it into the chain end and secure the ring using the flat nose pliers.  Do the same thing for the parrot clasp, linking the jump ring on the opposite end of the chain and then into the clasp and tighten.

There you have it, a simple caged gem necklace that takes less than 20mintues once you get the hang of it.  Experiment and have fun creating your own designs and links.  I also did a simple coil design on the other rocks which is so quick and easy.  If you end up making something similar please tweet me a photo I would love to see your designs!


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