Makeup Revolution Awesome Metals Foil Finish Eyes // A review

Hi Sweets, Makeup Revolution Awesome Metals  Foil Finish EyesMakeup Revolution has really carved out their spot in the beauty world as the place to shop for quality dupes with affordable prices and although I have only ever swatched the Stilla magnificent Metals, I think Awesome Metals by Revolution are super close. Continue reading


Radiance Radiant Lights Palette // Makeup Revolution

Hi Sweets,makeup revolution radiant lights platteWhen it comes to highlight I like a subtle skin-like glow, don’t get me wrong there is always room for a bit of over the top “disco fever” but, in general I go for the natural sheen.  So when I was looking into Makeup Revolution there was one product that kept popping up, the Radiant Lights palette and wow this is like instant luminosity, incased in an affordable compact. Continue reading

Wire Wrapped Pendant // How to

Hi Sweets,Wire Wrapped Rock NecklaceThere is something so satisfying when you can make something yourself, so this week I am bringing you lovely readers a DIY I hope you will really like.  Rock/gem caged necklaces have been quite popular recently and I have wanted to turn some of my faves from my collection into fashion pieces for a while.  Ok, so  fashion might be a bit of a stretch, I mean currently  I am  typing away in an old black hoody with a green monster on it and a pair of black leggings #outfitonfleek, but I really think think these gems are the perfect accessory for any outfit (casual or dressy).  Continue reading

New in // A haul

Hi Sweets,beautyblissnz1I am currently doing my best to limit my spending when it comes to beauty.  With the never ending limited addition collections and new products coming out constantly its almost f#@king impossible to save money (well I’m speaking about myself and my amazing lack of self-control when it comes to all things makeup).  So naturally I am bringing you a haul… a very small, modest haul but still a haul #whatisadultlife.  Continue reading

Let’s talk skin // part. 1

Hi Sweets,moreish1Moreish skincare, is a brand that I hadn’t really heard about and then all of a sudden there was a small selection of products on the shelves and a few New Zealand beauty bloggers were sharing PR samples on their social media and I was instantly intrigued.  I love supporting New Zealand brands and also really like to use organic or natural sourced skincare so couldn’t wait to try the range out. Continue reading

ColourPop ‘In Bloom’ Collaboration // A Review

Hi Sweets, inbloom1If you’re new to my blog let me introduce myself…  My name is Rachill and I am a ColourPop junkie.  I have reviewed a lot of their goodies (see here, here, here and here) and completely believe they deserve the hype that their products generate!  I have trialled everything they offer (except for their bronzers) and love everything I own.  My only complaint is that some of my super shock shadows and super shock cheeks have come apart from their pottles during transit, but that hasn’t affected the performance of each item.

Continue reading