Wire Wrapped Pendant // How to

Hi Sweets,Wire Wrapped Rock NecklaceThere is something so satisfying when you can make something yourself, so this week I am bringing you lovely readers a DIY I hope you will really like.  Rock/gem caged necklaces have been quite popular recently and I have wanted to turn some of my faves from my collection into fashion pieces for a while.  Ok, so  fashion might be a bit of a stretch, I mean currently  I am  typing away in an old black hoody with a green monster on it and a pair of black leggings #outfitonfleek, but I really think think these gems are the perfect accessory for any outfit (casual or dressy).  Continue reading


A family classic with a zesty twist // Apple Crumble

Hi Sweets,

applecrumble3There’s nothing better than the sweet scent of butter, cinnamon and brown sugar wafting through the house.  And on a chilly autumn evening I can’t think of anything better than relaxing with a hot cup of tea and a generous helping of Zesty Apple Crumble, while binge watching #OITNB season 3 for the second/third time.   This dessert is a great addition to any season, the zesty tang of the apples perfectly compliment the spring and summer seasons, while the warm crispy browned topping and decadent cream are a wonderful match for any cold autumn/winter evening (or breakfast haha).  Continue reading

A night at the theatre

Hi Sweets, theatreThere is nothing like a night out at the theatre.  A month ago I went and saw the Phantom of The Opera!  It was amazing, the acting was superb and the singing was out of this world and the costumes were beautiful!  I was lucky enough to snag some really good seats (dropped a pretty penny for them) and thankfully had some wonderful company, who like me, is a bit of a theatre addict!  The curtains pulled back the opening scene started and I was whisked away to a wonderful world of opulence, intrigue, betrayal, love and passion!  The entire experience was breath-taking and as we left the theatre we both had one of those big ‘just been to the theatre and it was mind-blowing’ happy grins on our faces.

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A Christmas Outfit – #anotsowhitechristmas

Hi Sweets, long time no talk…


jxbviowbjvwI had to take an impromptu break from the blog last week, work was really busy, family arrived from overseas, I flew back home and general life.  But I’m back with another festive post and this time I am chartering unknown territory on ye ‘ol blog bringing you amazing readers, my first ever ‘fashion’ post.

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