Look Fantastic Beauty Box

Hi Sweets

lfb1Last month I was browsing lookfantastic.com and noticed that they have started putting out a beauty box.  I had a look at what the previous months contents were and was really impressed and so I ordered one.  The Lookfantastic beauty box, is the first beauty box that I have ever purchased and I was really interested at what products I would get.

I have had it for about 3 weeks now and have tried out all of the products (except one) and have been quite happy with what I got.

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#Autumn warmers – take two

Brrrrr! is what comes to mind when I look back at this week.  This week has been a typical autumn New Zealand smorgasbord  of weather.  Hot and sunny one day, cool crisp mornings the next and three days of rain and grey.  It was also a week of sniffles, sneezes and coughs for me, so needless to say I was in need of a good waterproof mascara and some colours to warm up my complexion.


From far left:  Lime Crime – Centrifuchsia, Bourjois – Bronzing Primer, NARS – Sin, Bourjois Health Mix Serum Fondation – 52, Revlon Balm Stain – Smitten, Lioele Skin Pact – 21Light Beige, MAC – Pink freeze, MAC – Syrup, Revlon Lip Butter – Raspberry Pie 

This week I went with the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation in 52, for a fresh dewy look and I also favoured the Lioele Skin Pact SPF 25+++, to set my foundation and give me a little extra sun protection. I also used the Bourjois Bronzer Primer to warm up my overall complexion.  As you can see in the picture I was really drawn to the warmer purples and fuschias to help me look more lively and awake.

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# Autumn Warmers: Top Picks for the lips


Autumn is well and truly here, the leaves are falling, the trees looking pretty bare and it’s definitely gotten colder, today it is literally freezing! We have had SO much rain lately and I’m guessing that these last fews days of sunshine aren’t going to last much longer so shortly, it will be time to really get into the Winter swing. In keeping with the #Autumn Warmers series  and  when thinking about what to post this week I imediately thought of the one thing I really love when this time of the year comes.  

Something which I adore about the season of Autumn is the colours, deep reds, purples and beautiful nudes, all of which seem to take over the world. I’ve rounded up my favourite Autumn/Winter lipsticks of the moment.  Vampy reds, moody berries and rich, heady wine colours are usually a big makeup trend, so if you wear lipstick, wear it dark! One thing I want to note is that although this post is all things Autumn and beautiful, I don’t like to just stick with what the season’s trends may be, I like to use these colours as inspiration and don’t let the season totally dictate my colour choices, because if anything makeup should be expressive and fun not strict and rigid…or at least that’s what i think :].

What Deep Autumns’ colours have in common is that they all have warm undertones and that they are not pale or muted, but strong and vivid. Deep Autumn’s colours contrast and you can mix them boldly, too, pairing lights and nudes, for instance.  So lets get into my top 5 (maybe 6) picks!

Traditional Berries

Revlon Kissable Balm Satin – Smitten (30), Mac – Rebel (Satin) and a cheeky extra Wet ‘n’ Wild – Cherry Picking(965)

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Dreaded First Post

Welcome to SweetsomethingsNZ!

Okay, the dreaded first post… lets get this sucker out of the way, so I can finally get some clarity and discuss what I’m planning to achieve with starting this blog.


First a little history: Originally from a little ‘ol city in Wellywood, New Zealand.  In 2013 I moved to another city in NZ and a somewhat shaky one at that.  I moved out of necessity it was time for a change – not only with regards to my job (current) but also a new place to live.  So I packed my bag (1 suit case is all I needed and few other essentials, such as my Buffy collection and some cherished photos) and off I went on a new chapter in my life, ready to take on the world!


Okay, maybe not take over the world, but I’m certainly ready to have a more positive outlook on life and enjoy things a lot more. Being 26 years old and my first time really away from my family has been a little bit challenging but that’s what Skype is for right?!  And in all honesty moving to a different island hasn’t really been as big of a deal as I originally thought.


Moving islands did however, change one thing in my life…… makeup, might sound silly to some, but I have always been a wallflower (still am really), nothing special and hey, that’s a-ok with me but I wanted to find a new creative outlet.  An outlet that didn’t require expensive paints, canvases, brushes etc (or so i thought) but something a little different and new.  Makeup was something that I didn’t really understand and having no friends in a new city it quickly became something that I lost myself in.  YouTube became something that I watched daily and I soon became excited by the new techniques and product being introduced to me by this fantastic website.


Image“So why not give it a go?…” I thought to myself.  I saved up for my first ever M.A.C products and “BAM!” the obsession (dear I say it) began, hahaha!  

I also had a few people suggest (badger maybe haha) that I should do something with my collection, so yeah, here I go.

I just want to start a blog about my general thoughts, cosmetics, crafts and anything else that pops into my mind. Oh and also, I am little new with all this and everything that this blog involves so try to understand.xx

(c)All pictures belong to SweetsomethingsNZ 30th March, 2014